{Jacob & Mariel} Wedding – Creston, CA

“Our wedding is going to be easygoing… we want it to feel comfortable, simple, and personal.”- Mariel in an email to me

When I met this couple at a coffee shop, I was inspired by their easygoing grace. Jacob is the worship leader at his small town church.  He is gifted and carefree.  Mariel is the kindest and most tranquil bride I have met to date. They are the kind of people who draw you in with their smiles and eyes. People worth spending your precious time with.

Jacob and Mariel were married at a small community church in Creston, California. The reception was at Emmanuel Heights in Creston.  When I got to Emmanuel Heights I was blown away at its expansive natural beauty.  The day was perfect. The weather was outstanding. The community of people who came to support Jacob and Mariel were super sweet. The food…. I could go on and on.

With the daylight fading, J&M and I rushed out to the hills overlooking Creston and caught the sun as it was setting. It was such a blessed time.

Their wedding day was indeed comfortable, simple and personal.



Cake – Le Dolce Vita – Kim Potts

Ceremony Location – Creston Community Church

Reception and Caterer – Emmanuel Heights



So many great photos in this wedding! It looks like they all had a fantastic day – I love that that shows in the photos.

Great wedding photos! I really liked the one of the couple by the lake with the perfect reflection in it!

The final one, with the twirling sparklers is AMAZING!!

This is how wedding receptions should be!


Love this pic. Especially the fact that it’s a “man” photo, with the bike.