Jeremy & Cristina – {Atascadero, CA}

Jeremy and Cristina are a very awesome, edgy couple.  Jeremy runs a sweet web design company called The 805 Collective. And Cristina is a student and his Ecuadorian lady:) When I first started talking to Jeremy about doing some pictures, his first reaction was to have them taken at night, with he and Cristina on the FREEWAY!  I immediately fell in love with the idea of doing a night shoot with cars speeding by, however I desperately wanted to keep my good friends alive. So I figured out a way to get a sweet edgy road look while being (sort of) in control…

© Michael Stephens Photography

I had a little help from my friends: Richard (lights and car signaler), Glen (stunt car driver of Scion 1) and Will (stunt car driver of Scion 2).  So basically each shot went down like this… I have Richard use my iPhone 4 as a flashlight, shining on the faces of my friends so I can manually focus on them.  Then, I have Richard stand behind me watching for traffic and signaling the drivers of the Scions to start speeding after us.  As soon as they start moving, I hit the shutter. 8-10 seconds later and BAM! Sweetness!!!  Check them out for yourselves.

© Michael Stephens Photography

We had tandem Scion xB’s racing towards us at 20 MPH!!!

© Michael Stephens Photography

Christina could have easily lost a foot!!!

© Michael Stephens Photography

But in the end, all we lost, was…

© Michael Stephens PhotographyOur breath.


CRAZY AWSESOME! They must be pretty good at staying still=)