{Paul & Kristin} Engagement – San Luis Obispo, CA

We recently got the chance to photograph Kristin and Paul’s engagement in some of their favorite spots in San Luis Obispo.

First we stopped in at McCarthy’s Irish Pub as a tribute to their old SLO college buddies. (Mekenzi also got a drink and sat down to get to know them a little better. She works so hard. :))

We found out that Paul is quite the romantic. When he proposed, he swept Kristin away for an impromptu snowboarding getaway and packed her entire wardrobe for her before she got off work! Now that is awesome love.

We then walked around downtown SLO hitting up Bubblegum Alley, the creek and even Urban Outfitters.  Later we went up Irish Hills and grabbed some more photo goodness. Kristin and Paul are so versatile, urban and natural. So juxtaposey. -That was Mekenzi’s word 😉

Finishing the day, we caught the tail end of a sunset. best ever.